HumiliationPOV - Lick It Up And Learn The Truth About Yourself

Added: 14-08-2020

I think today is the day. Don’t you agree? You’ve been so curious for so long now, haven’t you? Yes, you have. So it’s time you fill that deep curiosity, that deep desire that you’ve had for way too long now. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I’m talking about your desire of finally eating your own cum. I know you’ve been thinking about it for a long time now and I will be there to guide you through this degrading process.
You know you’re going to do it eventually so why not now already? Everyone has a first time, even me lol. And I mean how much longer do you think you can contain this urge? You jerk off to the thought all the time, you might as well finally experience it. Only you will know lol.
So start stroking. Stroke and think about what you’re about to do. Think about how good it’s going to taste, think about how humiliating it’s going to be, and the fact that this is your first time will make it even more of a rush for you. Keep stroking loser, stroke and know that you are finally going to eat it. You just can’t hold back any longer. And you’re going to love and savor every moment of your first time. You’re going to lick up every last drop and you’re going to do it with me and for me. And it’s going to feel and taste so good.
Keep stroking. Think about how it’s going to taste, think about the texture as well. Just think about how humiliating it’s going to be. Fuck just the thought is going to make you cum so hard! Now look at my body and jerk yourself faster. I know my body drives you wild. I want you to build up a really big orgasm for you first time. You want this, you need this. You crave it! Your cock feels so good right now because you know you’re going to lick it up very, very soon.
You must be so excited knowing what’s about to happen. I know you’re jerking furiously over there. And you’re not just doing this for me, you’re doing it for you. You want this. Jerk it faster idiot, I’m going to count you down. Three, two one… cum for me, cum in the palm of your hand. Now lick it, taste it for the first time. I’m going to show you exactly how I want you to eat it so watch me and follow along. Savor it. Lick it up loser. All of it. Don’t stop until every drop is down your throat. You love it, don’t you?
But I need to inform you of one more thing, you see you’ve wanted this and you’re enjoying it so much because you’re gay. Let’s be honest, there’s no straight man who would eat cum, even his own cum. The only reason I gently coaxed you through this process was to prove to you that you are in fact gay. Only gay submissive men like you would eat cum. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the plain fucking truth. You’re a faggot. Now let that settle in. You got to finally fulfill this desire and now you can come face to face with the fact that you are gay.

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