Sarah DiAvola - Cream Filling - CEI

Added: 22-08-2020

On this sacred day of family gathering, prayer, tradition, and holiday feasting, all you can think of are your filthy perverted desires. Surrounded by innocent loved ones, you are blinded by your intense urge to humiliate and degrade yourself for Me in the other room. What’s wrong with you? That’s ok – I love knowing that I have the power to lure you away from your family and friends, betray sacred space and time, and take your money and your dignity from hundreds of miles away! I want to make you do something filthy, nasty boy. While you’re picking up Easter supplies, grab a hollow chocolate bunny. It doesn’t matter the size, but make sure it’s light for its shape, or that it says “hollow” on the package. Then, when you’re ready to sneak off into your dark jerk-cave and indulge your sickness, I want you to nibble a hole at the tip of the ears. I think you know where I’m going with this. I’m going to make you cum twice in this video. Do you think you can handle it? This may be just the perfect thing to get you to finally eat that creamy white filling, after wimping out so many times before. I’m going to edge you, tease you, turn up the pressure, until you’re ready to explode and can barely hold it back any longer. Then, at the very last second, as your dick dribbles and twitches and begs, I’m going to guide your orgasm into that poor, innocent little bunny’s head. Fill it up. Every last bittersweet salty drop. Phew! That was fucking hot, wasn’t it? Now you’re holding a chocolate treat that you’ve filled with your ooey gooey jizz-sauce, and you’re feeling that slight come-down that’s always thrown you off before. Fine. Put the bunny somewhere cool and discreet. Make sure not to mix it in with any of the other sweet treats in the house! You don’t want anyone to get the worst surprise ever – on Jesus’ second birthday, of all days! Now, when you’ve had your holiday dinner and everyone is gathered for family time, you’re ready to cum again. I’m going to make you cum again. And you’re going to grab that bunny and sneak off to your dirty boy spank jail. Yummm. I’ll get that engine revved up again, you naughty masturbator. This pink lace top is completely transparent and My breasts are on full display. My nipples peek through and My nipple jewelry sparkles like little jade and silver Easter eggs. My tiny white cotton thong panties are thin enough to show the outline of My pussy piercing underneath. My ass is thick and jiggly, My legs are regal and sensual, and My shoes are absolutely stunning: semi-transparent rainbow slingback pumps with black bows on the sides, and you can see each and every painted toe inside. I know what you like to see, and I understand your deepest darkest secrets. The inside of your mind is desperately depraved. It’s time for Me to count you down to your second orgasm for Me. But I don’t care where the cum goes from this one. All I care about is the cream filling inside your sweet treat. I want that to go inside your mouth, as soon as you are about to cum. I want you to orgasm while you’re swallowing chocolate-flavored salty seed. Just like a cream egg, cum-guzzler. How does it taste? Obedience is delicious, My little puppet. Your purpose is to entertain Me, make Me laugh, and give Me fucked-up stories to tell all of My friends! And I just made you chug your own semen from inside a **** chocolate Easter bunny! Hoppy Jesus day, bitch!

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