HumiliationPOV - Princess Mabel - I Know You Hate Yourself So Just Do It, End It

Added: 22-08-2020

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy clip, not a reality or encouragement clip. It is intended for those that seek a deep form of humiliation, a feeling of utter worthlessness. This clip is extremely cruel.

Hello again my little wimp. You’re always so predictable, always coming back to stroke to my clips. That’s your only purpose in life, isn’t it? Look how pathetic you are. Your whole existence is just completely pointless. You listen to my clips daily for guidance and purpose. You’re a fucking worthless loser, that’s what I think of you. And you know it’s true too, I mean look at your life. You spend your nights hiding in your bedroom jerking off, distancing yourself from friends and family, or perhaps you’re in d e a dend relationship. The only relationship you have is with your hand and your cock and your slavery to me. That’s the only relationship you’ll ever have. No girl will ever love you. You’re disgusting, no one likes you. People only talk to you because they feel sorry for you. You know it’s true. You know no one really cares about you. You might not admit it to yourself but you know it deep down.

Your life is so miserable, isn’t it? You wake up every day to your dull life, it must be hard. It must be difficult living as a loser freak. You work so hard every day for money which you then hand over to me and my greedy little hands. I get everything that you have because without me, you have zero purpose in life. You are a worthless waste of life, a stupid maggot excuse for a human being. But you already knew that didn’t you? Your life doesn’t compare to mine. I’m beautiful and perfect and have an amazing life, and you are so far beneath me, you’re a fucking loser with no life. The best part of your life is contributing to mine.

You spend every night worshiping my beauty, waiting for me to tell you how to jerk your stupid cock or how to further humiliate yourself. Your existence is pointless and my life is absolutely perfect. I have it all thanks to little losers like you contributing to my perfect lifestyle because you can’t resist me. You can’t resist spoiling me, can you? I know you hate yourself and your life. You wish for a better life but you know that will never happen. I mean if I were you, I’d probably just end it all. Just make it all stop, I mean why bother, you’re never gonna amount to anything more than the stupid fucking loser that you are. Face it, you’ll always be an inferior male, you were born that way and you’ll d!3 that way. What’s the point of drawing it out, what’s the point of it all? What’s the point of being so miserable every day of your life? Going to your sh! tty job, working for a boss that you hate. You’ll never be the boss of anything ever in your life. Some of you go home to a wife who doesn’t give a fuck about you, who I know wishes she could fuck other men because you’re so incompetent in bed because of your never ending masturbation addiction.

It must really suck being you. I know you think about ending it all. Just giving up. Why bother loser? D e adend job, d e a dend relationship, d e adend life. Do you ever just wish you were d e ad? Do you ever think about all the ways you could do it? All the ways you could just end it all for good. How would you do it loser? Would you even have the guts to? You’re so weak and easy to persuade though. What if I told you to do it? What if I told you to do something right for once in your life? Just do it. Think about it, cold steel against your head, and then just nothing at all. Bliss, peace. Or maybe you could just take something and just slowly fade out of consciousness. High as the sky and then just float into the other realm. You just need it to be all over for you, just black, empty void, just nothing, just like the nothing that you are.

I think your life is so pointless, your existence means nothing, you have no purpose in life, you should just do it. C’mon loser, do it. Do it. Do it. You know exactly what to do. K !l l yourself.

– Princess Mabel –

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