NEW HumiliationPOV - Mandy Flores - Progressive Blackmail Entrapment 13.10.2015

Added: 17-10-2015

It’s not free to jerkoff to me loser. You either had to pay for this clip or a membership to this site to watch this clip, so that’s the first step. So get your cock out and start jerking it to me. You paid for this. But let’s make this more exciting, you love a bit of a rush, when you jerkoff. I’m going to give you some blackmail instructions while you jerk, wouldn’t you like that? I know you would, you can already feel the blood rushing to your cock. If you do some things for me, then maybe I’ll give you a bit more of me to jerkoff to.

So we’ll start out simple, if you want to see my ass, I want you to take a picture of yourself holding your cock and send it to me. Easy, right? Now you get to see my ass in this hot little outfit. Do you want to see my panties? Ok well send me a small tribute and your phone number. Would that be fun, me having your phone number? Maybe I’ll call you or maybe I’ll send you a little tease picture. It will feel so good to send me money, you know I deserve it for wasting my time on you right now.

Do you like my panties? Doesn’t it feel so good to jerk to them? Do you want to see my ass in these panties? Ok well I want you to double your last tribute and send me your wife’s phone number. Oh that gave you a rush, didn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t use it, as long as you’re a good boy. Do it loser and I’ll turn around. Do you wanna see more? How much would you like to see my perfect tits? It will only cost you $100. And if you don’t want to see them, I might get very offended and have to use that second phone number you gave me and text your wife that picture you sent me and the receipts to the other tributes you already sent me. There now didn’t that feel so good? That rush to have to make that decision. The fact that now I do have your wife’s phone number.

I’ll bet you even get a rush from your credit card statement. Having to hide it. But that doesn’t matter to you right now. All you care about, is jerking your cock. Do you wanna see me peel these panties off? Then you can jerk to me completely naked. Well I’m going to want another $100 and your face book username and login. Think how bad I could fuck things up for you with that information. The more you give me, the more you submit to me, and that feels so good. You’re so weak, so desperate to be my blackmail slave. If you give me all of this information, I will truly own you. And you will cum so fucking hard

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