HumiliationPOV - Programming My Legion Of Ass Gooning Zombies

Added: 05-08-2020

Posted on August 3, 2020 by mistress
HumiliationPOV – Programming My Legion Of Ass Gooning Zombies – Degradation, Mesmerize

HumiliationPOV Programming My Legion Of Ass Gooning Zombies preview

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You’re such a weak pathetic little goon. You are such a filthy ass addict. You just can’t help but stare at girl’s asses all the time. You love stroking your cock to them. Gooning and gooning and gooning for women’s asses. You just can’t help it. Your mind is weak. You are weak. You will forever goon to hot bratty asses, to my bratty ass. Soon you will become a Lindsay ass addict. My ass will control your life. This ass is going to ruin you. Your mind will completely melt away and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You are just too addicted to ass to stop. Just goon and let my programming sink deep.
You’ve always been a pathetic weak minded ass junkie. And I am only here to fuel your addiction to ass. There’s no escaping from this. You are so fucked. You’re fucked for my hot young ass. My ass just drives you crazy. You are forever trapped in this addiction. You can’t escape my grasp. You will forever be enslaved by my ass. There is no escape, there is nothing you can do about it.
This clip will mindfuck you into ass oblivion. I’ve programmed it that way. I’m programming you right now. Your mind will slowly melt away. The more you stare and goon and goon and goon to my perfect ass the deeper you will fall. You’ve always been weak for my ass, haven’t you? And now you are falling deeper and deeper into this addiction with no way out. You are becoming further trapped in my web. You are slowly melting away, for me and my ass.
You can’t help gooning to my ass, can you? No you can’t because I’m programming you to not be able to stop. All you are going to be able to do is goon to my ass. You are my gooning ass robot. You are falling so deep down that you will never be able to climb back out. You are going to watch this clip on loop, you know that you will. You want my ass to destroy your mind. And deep down you know you want this.
You can try to fight this but we both know you can’t. You’re too weak. You are going to keep gooning for my ass forever. There is no turning back now. You are absolutely trapped. All that you are good for is becoming my ass zombie jerker. Soon you won’t be able to live without my ass. Just allow the programming to take hold, don’t fight it. Look at you melting away. Don’t think, just goon to my ass. Look at how pathetic you are. You can’t stop. Just a programmed ass gooner. Now let’s go deeper.
Yes drop down even deeper for my ass. Feel yourself getting dumber and dumber for my ass. Let my ass mindfuck you just like it is right now. You are trapped in my goon trance. There is no hope for you now. You’re too far gone. Falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Just look at you, you are nothing, just a mindless ass jerker. Don’t stop gooning loser. You can’t stop. Now click loop on your video player, there is no beginning and end to this clip, just a continuous loop of ass programming.

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