Goddess Christina - Nightie Night Daddy Step Daughter's Step Father

Added: 24-12-2018

Custom Request – No Name Used. When I married your mom I promised to lead you with short leash, cut your allowance and not let you wear slutty clothes anymore. Six months later nothing of this happened and this is the reason: Every time you’re alone with me in the house you serve me a special drink you call “Triple V”. I don’t know what the name stands for.
Half an hour later you come with some really sexy outfit. I look at you funny, but you simply smile, move your body and my head spins. You ask me if I’ve been fantasizing about you every day as you brainwashed me to do. I don’t understand why I answer: YES. You ask If I feel guilty afterwards. YES. That’s exactly how you indoctrinated me to feel. That’s why I can do nothing against you: I feel guilty for being a bad step daddy. Your allowance got bigger and your clothes got sexier.
You tell me that “Triple V” is a mixture of Vodka, Viagra and Valium. It makes me horny, woozy and docile exactly how you want me. Now it’s easy to brainwash me deeper and deeper each time you tease me while I’m under the “Triple V” effects. And you are so cruel in a somewhat innocent way: I’m not able to cum when I jerk off because you have triggered me to cum only when I kiss your juicy brat ass.
I look confused, horny and sleepy, so you prove your control over me by making me get naked, on my knees, and start stroking for you. You have fun teasing me and revealing it all cause you know I’ll forget it all once I fall asleep. You take off the sexy clothes you bought with my money so I can see your bratty hot body.
Now you ask me to hand you the credit card you brainwashed me to put under your name in our last session and ask me for my car keys so you can go to the mall to shop more slutty clothes to brainwash me with.
Then you make me beg to kiss your ass so I can release. You tell me to kiss your ass, cum and sleep… and forget… like I do every single time you mind fuck me.

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