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Added: 18-11-2018

Sexy TS Rianna has you on your knees before her and talks about how she has now owned you for a full day and recalls how she has used you. You’ve sucked her cock a lot and worshipped her feet but she says you have been to excited and aggressive and she needs you to suck her again but this time be much more sensual and gentle. “This is not about pleasing yourself after all, it’s about pleasing me” she says. She lifts herself up on her knees and slides her panties down slightly, showing you her landing strip and a peak of her cock, but tells you that you will have to beg for it again. Now she fully exposes herself to you and tells you to give her cock some little kisses. Now she orders you to stick out your tongue so she can lay her balls on it. Now she tells you to kiss her soft thighs. She rubs her gorgeous breasts to excite you and then stokes herself while you lick the head. “You’d love to live off my cum wouldn’t you?” she asks. She then compliments you because her cock is getting hard. She now asks if you can do as good a job on her asshole and says “I love a devoted tongue on my asshole.” She says she will have you over every weekend but if you don’t do a good job licking and sucking you she will just lock you in the garage. Now she gets up on her knees and gives you a perfect view of her sweet puckered asshole. She uses her hands to spread it wide and tells you to lick it and tongue fuck it. “Get it way in there” she demands. She tells you to stroke her cock while licking her ass. “The only thing that matters is my pleasure” she reminds you as she drops her panties down to her ankles. She wants her ass licked for at least half an hour. “Maybe I’ll just make you lick it all night while I sleep” she suggests adding that today she will make you just an ass slave and you will spend hours and hours eating it. Her plump gorgeous ass looks amazing and you are a lucky slave being allowed to service it. “Mistress Kandy will be so pleased with your progress” she says and then says she will be sending you away with the taste of her ass on your tongue. Make sure to keep it there all day!

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File Size : 622 MB
Duration: 00:07:48
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