Goddess Alexandra Snow - Blackmailed by the Boss

Added: 23-11-2018

You've been caught. Don't try to deny it, I have the proof right here. You've been jerking off at work again. You've been reprimanded several times because of your porn addiction but you just can't seem to keep it out of the workplace. As your boss, I just can't stand for this sort of behavior. Now, putting this sort of thing on your record would look bad on the both of us. So instead of filing a complaint with the proper authorities for sexual misconduct, I've come up with a new plan. You're going to defer 90% of your earnings here to me. You've cost me a lot of money with all of the time you've wasted jerking off. It's time I get some of that money back. You're not going to do anything about it either. I have your internet search history going back for months and several employees of mine willing to testify against you. From now on, your money is mine. If you can't find the willpower to keep it in your pants and out of the workplace then you're going to pay me what I'm owed in your lack of productivity. This is all your fault, you know. If you weren't such a pervert this would have never happened. You made your bed. Now lie in it.

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