Goddess Madam Violet - It's Just Number$

Added: 24-11-2018

I will first gain mental control of you by occupying and confusing your mind - an analytical induction leading into a powerful financial reconditioning. Reframing the way you see money, realigning the value you place on it so your beliefs benefit ME. We're also going to play a game - a thinking game. When I snap My fingers I want you to guess what colour bra I'm wearing, if you guess right you get to cum. Red or black, 1 or 2? It's important to guess the right number if you want to cum. But first can wonder what colour My bra is, become so very engrossed, and make sure your eyes focus on ME, and count down from 100, in multiples of three. So much to think about, so utterly engrossed, so very confused as My voice layers up in your mind, playing with words, imbedding commands, leading you DOWN and DOWN. Seamlessly blending your ongoing induction with My financial brainwashing. Money. It's just numbers. When your mind is Mine I make you guess - red or black? Either way I make you stroke and increase the coerce of My indoctrination. HARD and completely under My control, My words coax you where I want you to go. As you DRIP and stroke and play with numbers in your mind...the compulsion to STROKE and PAY is unavoidable, stroke and PAY as we play with numbers, with money... with that soft pink mind, and stupid hard dick. Contains: analytical/covert induction, mindfuck, financial domination, confusion, imbedded commands, brainwashing, mind control, layered voice track, masturbation games, tease and denial, knee high boots.

MP4 * 369 MB * 00:18:08 * 1920x1080


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