Princess Kaylynn - Locked Up Sissy Cuckold Pay Pig

Added: 29-11-2018

You know you’ll never have me loser. I am too perfect for you. I am flawless. You are my unworthy slave. You are just a pawn in my game, a toy for me to use. I give you desire. I give you a reason to live, to work. You work for me. And every day you are reminded of that.

I would never get with a sissy loser and that’s exactly what you are and I know it. Sissies like you don’t get hot girls. They don’t get any pussy, they just get denied of any pussy because they like it in the ass. So you’re not allowed to have any pussy and that means you could definitely never have me. But that doesn’t stop you from craving me. I am your dream, your every want, your every lust. I am your raging desire that will never go away.

But don’t worry, I will find use for you and you will be useful to me. You will bring me great joy as you pay for my dates. I’m turning you into a sissy cuckold bitch. This is what you’re gonna live for. To see me go on dates with hot guys while you sit at home in chastity knowing you paid for it, knowing you will never have me. The best you can hope for is to worship at my feet. So to be useful, you will give me what I want.

I will hold your key when I go out on my dates and I know you’ll be begging to do anything to get it back. But I’m not giving it up, it’s mine. That is my key. I own your chastity device and it’s contents and there is nothing you can do about it. And if you’re good maybe one day I’ll let you watch me fuck. And maybe I’ll let you clean up afterwards. I’ll bet you’d love that. You are my slave, I own you and there is nothing you can do about it.

You will do anything to be in my world. You will worship and adore me and give me everything that I want. But you will never have me, you will never get to touch my body. You are unworthy. You are a cuckold bitch, I would never be with somebody like you. This is your new life, cuckold.

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