Danielle Maye - Peeing With Auntie

Added: 20-12-2018

You flirtingly tease your nephew saying “ever seen a full moon before?” then turn around and pull down your jeans and spread your cheeks flashing him everything “haha”. Come in here – Just taking quick piss. You’re so fit from school sports – Strong legs in your shorts. Just checking out your package… Hahaha! Your aunty is a size queen – let me size you up – thought I saw a big bulge… I know you’re older – I know things get bigger… Mind if I take a look? Let me take a look down your shorts… (you bend forward as if to peek inside) I’m sure I’ve seen bigger than that – but what a big boy! – grab – got your penis! (Squeezes cock in shorts ) What a big strapping lad you are! Just home from school? Get changed out of your uniform. I always preferred black boys – Black boys are so fit! They’re bigger in every way – especially their legs! Poor little white boys with their little white willies (you make the small penis finger) – do you have any black friends with big black cocks? (Sitting on the toilet peeing) Are you looking at my pussy? Don’t you dare look between my legs! I’m up here thank you – stop looking at my pussy! (The camera could be looking at your bare bottom behind on the toilet as well) I probably shouldn’t let you see my private parts – (turn around wiping bum – Bending over)- Cheeky boy! Looking at my bare bum – See something you like back there? I never said you could touch! You’re so shy – Your cousins and I think you have a little Willy! Can’t have a nephew with a small willy – that would never do! Pee shy? You need to learn to pee freely in front of people – Pretend this is urinal Come on – it’s Your turn! Are you gonna take a piss or what? (Take your jeans completely off and cover pussy) Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! You said you needed to pee – The toilet’s right there – Get your Willy out! Watch where you aim – don’t miss! Go ahead – I’m not looking. I don’t hear any peeing… Stand beside his shoulder looking down at him peeing and up and his face while you look at him interested and smile Wow! You’re very big – for a boy! Your Aunty likes big boys! I’m sure I’ve seen bigger boys – I’ll have to compare you with the boys I coach. I volunteer coach boys swimming – visiting them in the changing rooms while they’re using urinals – I see them piss all day – and walking out of the showers. Oh! Just going to piss in front of me like that? Show off what a big boy you are! So that’s what I saw hanging out of your shorts the other day… my nephews big cock! I’ll film you pee and show my friends – they can compare with their sons. They’ll be so jealous! Let me touch… sorry! Couldn’t help myself watching you pee and holding your cock you’re bigger than your cousins (holding rubbing waving side to side) “Meet my little nephew!” Holding cock face in shot – appreciating size Let me hold your cock (you hold a real one? A dildo that shoots water?) – It feels heavy! That’s a big powerful stream – Other boys must get penis envy! (Holding cock face in shot – appreciating size) have to show you off to the women at my gym – Friends coming to get ready use bathroom – you let them watch and play Girls! Come in here and see this! Only joking! Your cousins aren’t here today – too bad! – They’ll see later! My friends and I used to Smoke in the boys’ room at school and chat to anyone using the urinals –Lusting after big pissing cocks and teasing the boys with little ones. I’m so glad we can be relaxed and pee in front of each other from now on. Remember when I used to take you to the women’s toilets and changing rooms when you were a young teenager? You were still too young to use the men’s alone? I used to get you to get your willy out so you were ready to use a stall when it became free to pee – left the door open to let all the women see and thank them for allowing you to use it; let my friends and other ladies hold it and aim – you were quite big even then – and the women and I noticed and appreciated it! One time you couldn’t wait and had to pee in the sink in front of everyone, all the women and teen girls there! Proud of my big boy! I could treat you that again take u to toilets and “assist” you It’s so easy to piss when you’re a boy – whip it out and pee anywhere! How can you walk with that Big donkey dick flopping about slapping between your thighs?? You can join your cousins and me in the women’s changing room when we go swimming – the other ladies won’t mind when they see what’s between your legs! I’ve seen you pee plenty of times before – I’ve seen your other cousins pee as well. Your other aunts and I used to accompany you + your cousins to the mensroom – you made them jealous – we chuckled Aww it must have been so frustrating when us girls could watch you pee and we got our privacy Think of all the ways I can show you off – get you pissing in front of people. It’s so easy to piss when you’re a boy – whip it out and pee anywhere! Big donkey dick flopping about slapping between your thighs. Show you off to my friends and their daughters – your cousins at home/ the women’s swimming pool/ the beach. Bit old now to join me in women’s changing room – but they won’t mind when they see what’s between your legs! You could accompany me to my tennis club and let women watch you shower and pee and hold your big dick I could take you round nudist resorts and unisex leisure centres in Europe. I used to make you take it out and pee in front of my friends – you were happy to show off to milfs and they were very happy to watch and comment and hold you and aim. think you could piss in front of my friends again? You were always bigger than other boys – my friends were so jealous. You get completely naked – lets go to my bedroom…

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