Princess Ellie - Horn Addicted Jerkers Need To Be Locked Up

Added: 03-01-2019

Do you know what I think about your little habit? Your little jerkoff habit. I think you need to make some changes. You’re always stroking it. You see a hot brat and you get hard as fuck. I understand, it’s hard to resist stroking to hot girls. You’d like to fuck them but since you’re a loser, that’s not an option, is it? You’re used to being teased and denied so you just stroke off at your computer. You’ve become an addicted porn jerker.

So I want you to go into chastity for me. I want you to stop stroking your cock all the time. It needs to be locked away because you can’t stop on your own. You need to be locked away otherwise you’re never going to be able to control yourself. This is for your own good.

You don’t deserve to jerk off all the time, you don’t deserve pleasure. I like the thought of you refraining for jerking off for me. You see any girl can make you jerk, but not any girl could convince you to lock it up. That takes a special kind of woman. And I know you want me to do this to you.

So go ahead and lock it up, right now. Look at what I’ve convinced you to do. It feels good to listen, to obey. You’re my chastity slave now. Do you see your key? I know you love to see my dangle it in front of your face. And tease you with it as I run it over my tits and dangle it in front of my pussy. I know that drives you wild.

I’m now your key holder and I think I’ll wear it around my neck. You will do what I say because she who holds your key, controls you. I own you. I love holding your key and having the power in my hands. There will be no stroking for you unless I say so. Locked up boys don’t get to decide. You don’t get to make decisions. I own your cock, completely. And you gave it to me so willingly, didn’t you?

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