Goddess Christina - You’re So Gay: Self Sucking Fag

Added: 03-01-2019

I know you love my hot ass but that’s not all you like is it slut? No. What you really love is BIG GAY COCK!

Custom Request. No name used. Request: You inform me that you have the perfect way to get a certain small group of losers to associate pure pleasure with sucking big dicks. Tell me that to be a part of this group you need 2 things, a big dick and a very flexible body. Then say “and since you’re the first loser I’ve come across with both, I’ve decided to turn you into a total faggot for big dick!” Tell me from now on that the only way my big gay dick is allowed to cum is on my face right after I pull it out of my faggot mouth… Tell me it’s not going to be completely gay because you’re there with your perfect body teasing the fuck out me.. Then say ” but you’re completely fucking GAY,, So start sucking your big gay dick right fucking now faggot!” Proceed to humiliate the fuck out of me while you make me suck my own dick. Tell me about all of the big dicks I’m going to suck for you and how I’m going to be so conditioned to cum with a big dick in my mouth that my dick will probably auto-nut as soon as some big-dicked stud nuts in my mouth after he’s face-fucked me. Call me TONS of names FAGGOT,FAG,HOMO etc Randomly tell me I’m fucking gay several times in the clip.. Finish with CEI.

MP4 * 282 MB * 00:12:29 * 1920x1080


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