Goddess Madam Violet - Softly Sweetly Swallow

Added: 12-01-2019

Eating your cum; you’re obsessed. It is the ultimate in submissive behaviour and you KNOW how fucking much it will turn you on…when you can just LET GO and do it!This time slave. This time I will make it easy, I will make it so natural, so pleasurable. I will turn you on so much that all you can do is EXACTLY what I want you to. I will wrap you so tightly around My little finger that you will be DESPERATE to show Me what a good boy you are. First I control your breathing, the easy way to RELAX to let go, to slide down. Then it’s time for a long confusing countdown as I continue to shower your mind in My diabolically sweet and irresistible commands. One final SNAP and you’re ALL MINE.Finally you can stroke, just for Me, like a good boy. I effortlessly lead you all the way to orgasm, Keeping your mind on the moment at hand - not what’s to come. Then softly and sweetly I encourage you to copy Me as W/we slowly lick your hand and fingers clean…It’s not your cum, it’s MY cum, I made it…and now you’re eating it. It’s so easy when you just LET GO and focus on making Me smile….goooooood boy. Just like that!

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