Princess Miki - Youre Not A Fag, Youre Just A Coerced Bi Clip Junkie

Added: 12-02-2019

I think that you’re so pathetic and it’s not because you’re a faggot, it’s not that at all. It’s not that you fantasize about sucking cock, that’s totally fine. I think you’re pathetic because you never really will suck a cock. How many clips like this of hot girls next to huge cocks do you own? Now how many real cocks have you actually sucked? Zero, right?
You see these clips don’t actually make you bi. You never follow through with any of the girls’ instructions. You see you’re the most pathetic faggot of them all because you’re not a real one. You’re not even an in the closet faggot because you know deep down that you’ll never actually suck a cock. All you do is binge on these coerced bi clips where a hot girl tells you to suck cock. But have you ever? No, you haven’t. So don’t tell me that you’re bi or that these clips are making you bi, because they’re not.
You see there’s nothing wrong with sucking a cock but there is something wrong with a guy who buys these clips and jerks off to the fantasy night after night without ever going through with it. You’re stuck fantasizing about sucking cock. You waste time and money on these clips while you edge all night to the visual images of cocks without doing anything about it. You cum and then you’re straight again. You’re just a coerced bi clip junkie. And that is really pathetic. I would have so much more respect for you if you actually sucked a real cock. But you won’t do it and that’s quite pathetic. All you do is get off to the fantasy of sucking cock.
I know you’re jerking off to these cocks on the screen but are you actually thinking about sucking one in real life? Maybe you are right now because you’re horny but as soon as you cum, you don’t think about it any more. And that’s the kind of pathetic fake faggot that you are. You’re gonna be stuck in this loop, binging on clips that look just like this but not doing a thing about it. So I’m not going to tell you to suck a cock because I know you won’t actually do it. Why would I waste my time?
You beg me to suck cock but then you cum and I know you won’t do it. You’re not a faggot at all. I would have so much more respect for you if you actually did it. But instead you’re the kind of loser that hides away to watch these kinds of clips and you're addicted to that. How sad. Just imagine if people knew what you did. I mean they’d be fine if you were gay, but no, your kink is being a fake closet faggot.
You’re not bi, quit telling yourself that. You’re just a coerced bi clip junkie. These clips aren’t making you bi, they’re just reinforcing your addiction to these types of clips because you’ll never suck a real cock. You’re just going to continue sitting there all alone in the dark, getting off to the idea of sucking cock. Your addiction to these clips is what makes you truly pathetic, sucking cock wouldn’t make you pathetic. You’re not a faggot, you’re just a clip junkie and that’s all you are.

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