Maya Liyer - Your New Slave Life (Series) Pt4

Added: 23-02-2019

You have given Me everything that you posses already, you have lost everything, because of your pathetic addiction to Me. Your job is gone, your wife has left you and because you fell behind on all of your bill payments, your house is about to be repossessed and you will be out on the streets. But I am certain that there will be some money left over from the house repossession and you will give that to Me.

In fact, given that you have nowhere to live now and your friends and family have disowned you, it seems like the perfect time to crawl to your Goddess and become one of My live in slaves. Bring the rest of the money to Me and take your rightful place in one of My slave cages, this will be your home now and I will own your life from here on out. You will soon find out that scraping an existence as a real slave to a dominant woman is somewhat different from your online fantasies.

You will be broken mentally and fitted with a chastity device, you will be beaten regularly and constantly humiliated in the most disgusting ways, you will learn absolute mindless submission as I use you in whatever fashion My whims take Me at any given time. Once your cock has been removed from you by enforced long term chastity, it will be retrained to cum on command and if it is of decent size and responds well to training you will be used as a fuck toy by me and My girlfriends.

But all in good time, you performed well in your first lesson, boot worship, but you need to understand that there is no room for personal gratification, I saw your cock getting hard as you were grovelling on the floor in front of Me, I saw the fire in your eyes light up as you eagerly licked and sucked My boots during your first lesson. Well this is not allowed, and after the severe beating in your second lesson, you now understand that what was once your pathetic cock now belongs to Me, and I will decide exactly how it behaves from here on in.

You needed to be punished severely, you needed to feel intense pain and in time you will learn to associate any sexual feelings with brutal, painful punishment, yes you will be used sexually by Me and My friends but it will be for our pleasure only, you are just an object, a fuck toy to be used and thrown back in the cage when we have had our fun with you.

To reinforce the fact that your cock now belongs to Me , we fitted a metal chastity device around your cock and locked it tight. You still haven't recovered from your brutal whipping yet and I can see that you are terrified, but even so that cock is still getting hard at the sight of your owner. Caging it up is for your own good, otherwise there will have to be daily whippings and I'd doubt that you would survive too long, not before we have built up your pain threshold.

Believe it or not, in no time at all you will be begging Me to punish you as you will realize how happy it makes Me. But now that pathetic worm is securely locked away, we will continue training it not to react to My divine beauty, in the days ahead you will learn to love the safety that the chastity device provides you, it will help you avoid whippings and you will beg Me to keep it on, this is how your new life will be from now on.

You will be molded into another one of My pathetic slaves, stripped of all dignity and hope and you will thank Me every day through the tears in your eyes for this wonderful opportunity I have given you. The next few training sessions are going to be intense tease and denial, slowly but surely that pathetic cock will start to wither and fade and you will learn to dutifully worship My ass, legs, feet and shoes without getting hard.

I know it is going to be difficult for you but this is your opportunity to better yourself for Me. If you continue to struggle in the next few sessions, you will be released from chastity and undergo severe beatings, for several days. You will not be allowed the device and you will be mercilessly beaten to a pulp every day until I decide that you have been taken completely beyond your limits. You will be begging for the device to be put back on during this time, and I will be fitting it with internal spikes before it is refitted, you will also have an electric shock collar fitted to your testicles and you will be trained like a common mutt.

But we are not at that stage yet, lets see how you perform over the next few training sessions, lets see if that cock will learn to bow to its owner.

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