Goddess Natalie - Drained by your bratty girlfriend - Findom

Added: 16-12-2020

You do know that you are a really lucky guy, don’t you? I mean, you truly are the luckiest man alive for having such a gorgeous girlfriend like myself. I am so perfect, so sexy…so beautiful! Do you think that I would ever go out with a guy like you if you didn’t have that fat wallet to make up for your small cock? You do know that you can’t sexually please me, and that the privilege of having me by your side comes at a cost! I’m certain that you did notice the way I turn heads whenever we’re out in public. But of course, being so precious, I definitely deserve to be spoiled accordingly, as well, don’t I? I know about all of your weird fetishes, including the one you have for nylons, so I’m going to use it to my advantage today, and turn you into my personal human wallet. Nothing but an ATM for me, that gives me money whenever I make a little sign. And once I’m done draining you of all money, you know I’ll go get satisfied by some real man, don’t you? Some who have a real cock, unlike you haha. Oh, what’s that? You want me as your wife? Oh wow, I really wasn’t expect you to propose after cumming to my instructions, but…I’ll think about it. Depends on how much money you’re willing to take out of the ATM to convince me to say yes!
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