Eva de Vil - I Can Make You Cheat

Added: 17-12-2020

[Custom, no name] It must seem odd that I’ve invited you to meet me, given that we’ve never met up before. I’m a friend of your wife’s and she’s always talking highly of you, constantly harping on about what a great husband you are and how you’re so faithful, you’d never even masturbate thinking about someone else.
I thought that was ridiculous. I wanted to prove that I could make any man be unfaithful, ditching his wife to become my slave.
I tempt you with my gorgeous body, though you try hard to refuse me. I’ll make it easy for you. I look deep into your eyes and mesmerize you. You’re still trying to resist but it’s no use. The longer you gaze into my eyes, the more you’re falling under my control.
Once you’re fully under, I order you to your knees and declare that I’m your Goddess now. I’m your one and only idol and you worship me now. Once you cum for me, you’ll be completely mine. You’ll stay with your wife but you belong to me and, from now on, you can only cum if you’re imagining me.
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