Dommelia - Seducing The Teacher Into Chastity

Added: 22-12-2020

Seducing The Teacher Into Chastity (Full)
You’ve kept me in detention for my “inappropriate clothing” yet again but I know the real reason is because you fantasise about me in my teeny blouse and super short skirt. It’s ok to feel that way Sir, I’m clearly the hottest girl in school. But you know what would really turn me on? Slipping this chastity device on you but seeing as you’re sat there with a raging hard cock, there’s no way it’s gonna fit. So jerk your cock to me and cum for me as I tease and seduce you. That’s it, and now your balls are empty, I’m going to lock you up and I’ll be keeping the key. But before I leave, there’s one more thing I want you to do for me.
*cuts to the following day*
How was last night locked in chastity? I bet you’re desperate to be unlocked today, aren’t you? Take your clothes off. Ooh yes, look at that cock, bursting in its cage, desperate for release. Haha you silly man! I can get you to do anything I want now, so I’ll be keeping you in chastity permanently! Don’t worry, I’ll allow you to earn a five minute release, but it’ll cost you big each time and be on my humiliating terms! Haha, this is your sex life now! How are you gonna explain this to your wife? I guess you’ll just have to get rid of her and get a second job to pay for your sexual release, because I’ll be coming to see you before and after school every day to tease you and drive you wild with my body. Anyway, you’d better put your clothes back on and get off the floor. Wouldn’t want other teachers and students seeing you now, would you?
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