Natashas Bedroom - SISSYGASM - Slave Training & Forced Fem

Added: 23-01-2021

I have a treat for you: a big SISSYGASM. Get out your vibrator and a butt plug. I’m going to show you how to have a girly orgasm. We’re going to make that clitty and pussy cum sooo hard that you just can’t help but squirt all over your panties!
First, you’ll have to get all pantied up for me. As soon as those panties slide on, you feel so slutty and horny. Rub your clitty through your panties. You’re really getting excited now, aren’t you? Keep rubbing as you slide that plug into your pussy. Sissy’s pussy is going to be filled and stretched as she cums.
Now turn on your vibrator! I’ll be controlling the speed and positions, so all you have to do is just what you’re told. Play with your sensitive nipples as the vibrations shiver through your body. Twist that plug around in your pussy as you turn the speed up to high. Think about cock. Good girls always fantasize about cock as they play with their clitties. Cock filling your mouth and pussy as cum shoots all over your body…it’s all you can do to keep from squirting immediately.
You moan and moan, so close to cumming now. You’re desperate for permission. BEG to squirt, sissy! BEG for cock, beg as hard as you can. You squirt into your panties exactly when you’re told, soaking them. But you’re not done yet. Stick out your tongue. Good girls always clean up their messes…
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