Miss London Lix – Your White Dicklet Isn’t Enough

Added: 07-06-2016

London humiliates all white men in this clip. She unambiguously makes clear her preference for black men and black cock. She thinks all white men are inadequate and cannot measure up to black men. She encourages you to stroke your white dicklet as she talks about these subjects. She prances around in her PVC lingerie showing off her ass and flips you off throughout the video. She makes the “jerkoff” gesture towards the end to indicate it’s time for the viewer to stroke their tiny cocks.

Hi white dicked losers. I suppose you think I’m going to give you some kind of jerk off encouragement today, right? Ha! I’ve got far more *exciting* things I want to talk about. Today, I want to share with you my love of BBC. Mmm…that’s right…I’ve decided that white cock just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I used to think I just hated small cock, but in fact I’ve found that ALL white dick is inferior to a nice thick black bull.

Go on, stroke your pathetic white nub as I drool over how hot BBC is. I’ll tell you all of the things I love letting black guys do to me, and make it clear just how much of a loser you are in comparison to these studs. Is your average little dick going to blow its load as I humiliate you?

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