Goddess Tierra - Ebony Goddess Humiliates Tiny Dick Freaks

Added: 20-06-2016

Don't you know why you're here? C'mon now, don't be stupid. You spend your entire day on the internet jerking off to girls because your dick is so fucking small that this is the only way you can get off. This is your only pleasure. It's so sad. And you love having that little dick of yours humiliated, don't you loser? It turns you on to look at your beautiful ebony goddess humiliating you and making you stroke that itty bitty thing for me.

Did you ever really think in your life that you'd get to fuck a hot girl like me? Or any girl for that matter? Girls don't fuck losers like you. You, you have to pay to jerkoff. You have to pay to cum. But real men, with big cocks, they don't have to pay to fuck girls like me. I love big black cocks. You and your little pinky dick just don't compare.

Go ahead and stroke that little dick of yours. We both know this is the only way you're gonna get to cum, lol. Because what the fuck would I do with something so tiny? If you put it in between my big tits it would just get lost! And ew I don't even want that thing anywhere near me. This is the story of your sad, pathetic life.

Maybe you should invest in a penis extender and then maybe you could kinda please a woman. Then you could pretend to have a big dick. But I think your dick is even to small to fit into a penis extender, it would probably just fall off. That is so fucking pathetic!

You're going to spend the rest of your life in front of your computer stroking that little thing. Look how hard you are right now, you get so turned on from my humiliation. And you love it, you love when hot bitches like me make fun of you and laugh and mock your tiny little penis. C'mon stroke it. I want to see you spurt your tiny little load. That's gonna make me laugh so hard.

You're gonna a little dick freak, jerking to girls on the internet like a fucking loser. Nobody wants to fuck you.

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