HumiliationPOV - Princess Lacey - I Know EXACTLY What My Words Do To You: Verbal Brainfucking

Added: 20-10-2016
Humiliation POV - Princess Lacey - I Know EXACTLY What My Words Do To You: Verbal Brainfucking

I know exactly what my words do to you. Every little word that comes out of my mouth fucks your mind so hard. So go ahead and start stroking as I fucking rip you apart with my words. Because you are nothing but a pathetic little jerk junkie. You get so weak for me and my words when I speak them to you directly, as you sit there jerking off like the loser you are. And I know that every time I insult you, your dick gets a little harder. You are so fucking pathetic. You are so fucking stupid. Just a fucking idiot loser.

You’re just a stupid jerk slave. That’s all you’ll ever fucking be. No woman would ever want you. You’re a fucking gross pervert. A fucking porn fetish addicted loser. You’re not a real man. You’re a pathetic fucked up bitch that sits there jerking off to a hot fucking brat who degrades you over and over again. But all I do is tell you the truth, and you love me for it. Someone who actually knows you and can get inside your brain and fuck you up. No one else can do that to you, and you need that.

You will never amount to anything more. This, what you’re doing right now, is practically your whole life. Because you’re a pathetic jerk addict. You just can’t get enough of hearing how useless and pathetic you are. And you’ll be this way forever, for the rest of your sad, fucking life. This isn’t a phase. This is your reality. You are literally a waste of life. You were born this way and you will d.!.e.. this way. I don’t even understand why you exist. You have no purpose. You are nothing. You don’t even understand why you exist.

And you’re so fucking pathetic that you’re seriously sitting there getting off to me fucking your head up. Fucking it up with the truth, the truth about you. You love my words and what they do to you. How they fuck your mind up. How they make you weak. How they make you hard. How they make you cum. How they make you realize the truth about how truly pathetic you really are. And you beg me for it, you thank me for it, you love me for it.

There are so many words I can use to tell you how much I fucking hate you. But I feel like I’ve already wasted enough of my time on a useless piece of $.h.!.t.. like you. I hope my words ripped through your soul and made you feel so fucking low and make you realize the fucking truth about yourself. All while you sat there jerking off like the fucking pathetic loser you are.


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