HumiliationPOV - Princess Candy Glitter - Bratty Manipulative Ruined Orgasm Seduction

Added: 19-11-2016

You’re such a little horny pervert, aren’t you? Your cock is probably already throbbing and you just want to stroke yourself so bad. You’re a fucking addict, you love to stroke, it’s the only thing you’re good at. And you love worshiping my hot, young body. You’re just a fucking helpless loser. I know you’d love some jerk off encouragement from me. If I told you exactly how to stroke your cock. Well I don’t think you’re worthy of that, not without some punishment. What the fuck makes you think that you should be allowed to jerk your cock for me? You’re disgusting, you’re a fucking loser who can’t stop jerking off. You’re obsessed with my tits, you’re a mindless jerking zombie.

Well you’re in luck, I’m going to allow you to jerk your fucking pathetic cock, but… there’s a little twist, a bit of punishment at the end, because that’s what you deserve, right? You don’t deserve to enjoy your orgasms. So loser, that’s why you’re going to ruin it for me. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t you want to ruin your orgasm just for me? I know you do, you want to do anything I say. It’s so easy to manipulate you when I talk in my sweet voice, twirl my hair, bat my eyes at you. I know I’m seducing you loser. I make you fall for me, and then you live to please me. The only thing you’re good for is following instructions like a mindless fucking idiot, and jerking. You have no other worth.

I know the effect my voice has on you, I know you’re already hard and throbbing, so go on, stroke it loser. You’re going to ruin it, just because I’m telling you to do so, and you live to please me, you need it. It’s the only thing that gives you purpose. Jerk it loser, jerk it to my hot, young body as I mindfuck you. You’re so fucking pathetic. You know you could never have me, but at least I tease you and let you stroke to me. You’re just a loser pervert who is so lucky I’m even allowing you to ruin your orgasm for me.

Jerk your cock, focus on my tits, and think about ruining your orgasm, because that’s exactly what you’re going to do for me. Once you start to cum, you’re going to let go with your hand and you’re going to spurt all over yourself like the pathetic, sad, worthless loser you are. I know you’re close, look at my hot, young ass, I know that will push you over the edge. Are you ready to ruin it for me like the worthless bitch that you are? I know you’re feeling weak and powerless right now, ready to obey and ruin. I have all the power and you’re not allowed to enjoy your orgasms. Ruined orgasms are your fucking fate loser. Ruined orgasms are exactly what you deserve. But I know you love it, you love ruining your orgasms for me. You’re not worthy of a full orgasm.

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