HumiliationPOV - Mandy Flores - Sensual Mindfuck For Sissy Loser Faggots

Added: 02-09-2018

I can’t believe I wasted my time dressing up for a loser fag like you. I’ll bet you wish you could borrow my outfit and look as sexy as I do. What a fucking fag you are! I can’t imagine a man who would allow himself to be such a girly girl. But you’re not a real man, you’re a total sissy loser and the only way you can get hard is by dressing up like me, right faggot? I’ll bet you’re watching me right now dressed up as a pretty girl. Worship me because I look amazing. You’ll never look as sexy as I do, faggot. Do you wish you had a pussy too? Look how smooth my pussy is as I rub it through my pantyhose. I know you wish your nylons made you look as good as I do. I’m glad you realized that trying to fuck a girl is a waste of time for you, because no girl would want to fuck you anyway. The only fucking you get is from your own hand. So what use does a sissy like you have to offer me? Well that’s easy, financial. You’re destined to pay for porn videos. But not just any porn videos, but My videos. You’re going to obey me for the rest of your faggot life. Because you could never be me. But if you pay me, I’ll pretend to be into your sissy fantasies. How much do you wanna be me? Well then you’ll dress like me. I see your little penis is getting hard now. Am I making you feel good? Maybe I should put you in chastity? You’re my sissy girlfriend aren’t you? I know you’re not a man and you don’t date girls since you’re a girl yourself. So you’re going to be my sissy girl from now on. Do you want to fuck me? Don’t hide your little penis, I want to see if it gets hard when I say that? It’s not like you have much to hide anyways. When you get dressed up, what is it that really makes you hard? Do you fantasize about getting fucked like I do? Taking cock in your mouth like a good little girl? Or maybe you’ll hike up your skirt and bend over to expose your little girly hole. Or maybe you don’t want to be with a man at all. Not all sissies are true faggots. But I do think you want me to take you with my dildo. I’d never let you fuck me but I would fuck your ass and allow you to worship me and share your secrets with me as long as you pay me because domme’s like me are the only outlet you have. And I’ll allow a sissy freak like you to stroke your cock because you feel sexy in your sissy clothes. Rub your nylons like I am sissy. So smooth, it feels so good. Don’t you feel so pretty?I want you to poke your girly hole with your finger. I know you like that, my little sissy queer. Go ahead cum to me, your Goddess. I’m the only one you can be your true self with. Other girls don’t understand you. Just become my sissy loser. I’m your Queen and you are my pretty little Princess, Loser! You are truly pathetic. Send me a picture, I wanna see how pretty you look.

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