HumiliationPOV - Princess Miss London Lix - Edging Tease And Orgasm Denial

Added: 18-10-2015

It’s your lucky fucking day loser, you get to see me all dressed up in latex. You know that latex isn’t for losers, this is a special privilege for you. You don’t normally get to see girls dressed up in skin tight latex, do you loser? So you can tease yourself and jerkoff to me in latex, but you don’t get to cum. Only real men get to cum to girls in latex. This is an outfit for you to get teased and denied in.

I’m going to leave you with blue balls after stroking to this. So go on, jerk your fucking loser dick while you take in my perfection. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Jerk it you little jerkaholic. Work that cock into a frenzy. Watch that pathetic cock throb and know you’re a complete fucking loser. I am the stuff your little loser dreams are made of. You’d never get to see a girl like this in real life. You’d love to be on your knees worshiping that latex ass. All your good for is licking these boots, and being denied and completely fucking humiliated.

You’re lucky I even let you look at me like this, aren’t you loser? The only thing you deserve are the blue balls I’m about to give you. Allow yourself to be tortured by my cleavage and how hot it looks, knowing you’ll never get near perfection like this. Get right up to your fucking screen loser and kiss my tits loser. Lick the screen. Go on, humiliate yourself. That’s as close as you will get.

Keep stroking loser even though you know you’re not going to cum. Fucking loser! Beat it and lick the screen and beg, beg me to let you cum even though you know you’re going to be denied. I’m going to tease and deny the fuck out of you. I’m going to count you down to your denial. You’re going to completely abandon that cock. When I get to one, you’re going to completely take that hand off of your cock. I want you to really get to edge for me before I complete deny you and fuck you over. Let that cock twitch in the air for me.

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