Sasha Foxxx – Perfect Edging

Added: 04-03-2017

Intense, sensual edging instructions.

I’m going to show you how to edge your cock perfectly. I’m going to send you into edging, mindless bliss, filling your cock and balls with pleasure. So take your cock out and follow my exact instructions. I will show you where to touch, how to touch, how many fingers to use. Every detail, every word from my lips, will send shivers up and down your cock, leaving it twitching in your hands. Don’t cheat, don’t edge it how you want, listen to me as I leave you helplessly on the edge.

I love bringing you this intense pleasure like only I can. I love seeing you like this, vulnerable and hanging on my every word. The more you edge, the deeper you go, the better it feels, until you don’t even want to cum. You just want to stay on the edge with me for hours. You can feel these intense sensations just pulsating up and down your cock. Nice and slow, this isn’t a race, my words and fingers will put you in a sensual trance.

The longer you edge the more you feel your cock twitch in your hands. It’s like having a long intense orgasm without the need to cum. It feels so good. You don’t want me to stop, and I’m not going to. I’m just going to edge your cock and leave you teetering on the edge. Slow and sensual. Rhythmic and hyp n0 t!c. Feel my voice soothe you. Feel your fingers against just the head of your cock. Feel yourself building, then back off just a bit and just edge…

You’re enjoy this so much, aren’t you loser? I love the control I have over you as you edge. It’s such a blissful place that your mind goes to when you edge for me. I know how badly you just want to grab your cock and jerk, but don’t, just use your finger tips as I am instructing you. This feels so good. Just edge for me. Feel how hard your cock is. Only I can do this to you. You’re so close but you’re not going to go over the edge.


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