HumiliationPOV - Goddess Maya Midnight - You Love Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 23-10-2015

This clip is filled with laughter, giggling and an unending verbal assault on your ego.

Hey loser. So we really need to talk about how tiny and pathetic your penis is! LOL! You fucking idiot, I know you’re sitting there right now jerking it with two fingers. LOL! Sorry I can’t stop laughing, small penises are just hysterical to me. The fact that you were born that way! LOL What a joke!

Go on, jerk that little thing to my big tits and my tight ass. It’s all you can do. Jerk, jerk, jerk! LOL! You just love to stare and stroke that pathetic little cock. It’s so funny to me when I think of you sitting there behind your computer jerking your tiny dick, as I tell you how pathetic your little penis really is. You love this! You love when I laugh at you! You fucking moron! LOL! Look at you! Haha, jerking faster with each tongue lashing.

But do you what’s even more pathetic? The thought of you trying to have sex with that thing! LOL! I’m sure you’ve been laughed at before by some girl you tried to have sex with. That’s why you don’t even try anymore. You can never please a woman, do you get that loser? Never! LOL! You just sit at home and jerk it endlessly to hot girls like me. Your life has become so pathetic, all because of your pathetic little cock.

Is that little thing nice and hard now? Are you jerking faster to my laughter or my verbal humiliation? Hmmm…. I wonder which turns you on more? Either way it’s fucking pathetic! You just love small penis humiliation!

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