HumiliationPOV - Princess Kaylynn - My Insatiable Lust For Your Piggy Cash

Added: 23-10-2015

I am perfection, I am everything you wish you could have. But you can’t, ever. So instead, you sit by my feet, worshiping my young, tight little body. Go on, whip out that little dick and start jerking. I know how stupid it makes you. You are so pathetic, so easy. You’re a fool, a puppet whose strings I can pull.

So what to do with a little piggy loser like you? Hmmm? Make you my slave? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I know I’m your ultimate fantasy. There’s no one else as sexy and bratty as I am. And if you wish to worship me, you need to show me your devotion. It takes a lot to please me. And I know you want to stand out. There are so many losers who want my attention. Why should you get it?

You will never amount to anything in my world. You are nothing but a name and a dollar amount to me. You are nothing but a bitch who gives in to my desires, my wants, my needs, and my insatiable lust for cash. Your cash. I am so greedy and you love that about me. It makes your little cock twitch so badly.

Look at my perfect, young body. It makes you so weak. You long to worship me. We both know it. I was born perfect, and you were born with an inferior, horny cock that controls you. And since I control that cock, I control you.

So let me tell you what I think of you. You are a brainless, stupid, pathetic idiot with nothing better to do than jerkoff to my videos. That is your whole life. You are obsessed with me. And what does that make you? A Loser! A worthless loser. You’re a failure. I’m going to exploit you and ruin you because that’s what you deserve.

So get on your knees and worship me, pray to me, for it’s the only thing you can do. Do you think that I care that you jerkoff all day? No! I mean what does that do for me? Nothing! Your cash is the only thing of yours with value. And once I take it all, you will have no value at all. You’ll be nothing, to me or anyone.

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