HumiliationPOV - Miss London Lix - Where's Vittoria, Where's Vega?

Added: 13-04-2017

Princess London Lix

You losers are so fucking annoying, it’s so pathetic. You losers are just so obsessed with certain girls. Isn’t that right? Some of you have your favorite girls but some of you have serious out of control obsessions. You write to us constantly asking, “Where’s Vittoria, Where’s Vega, Where’s such and such girl coming back? Please can we have more clips from this or that girl.” LOL it’s really pathetic how you write to us begging for these models to come back.

Well guess what, these girls don’t care what you want. In fact, they’ve moved on with their lives. Get over it loser. Realize that they don’t want anything to do with you or this life any more. Do you realize how many years it’s been since some of these girls made videos and you’re Still obsessing over them? Vittoria hasn't made a new clip in over five years! Do you know what they’ve accomplished in this time? Way more than you! You’re still stuck obsessing and jerking for years, while they’ve moved on to graduate degrees, professional careers, they are adults, they have families. I know it’s a hard concept to wrap your head around given how trapped you are in this femdom addiction. You can lust after these girls all you want but they’re not coming back to take care of your pathetic needs. They are so far removed from this life that they haven’t thought about you in years and you can’t stop thinking about them.

Sorry to break your little loser heart but we just don’t care about you all that much. Let me give you a reality check. This femdom scene, isn’t our entire lives. I know that’s difficult to wrap your head around given that this is all you have, but for us, it’s just a teeny tiny part of what we do each day and an even smaller part of what we do with our whole lives. We’re not trapped in this lifestyle, we’re not obsessed with this stuff. We make clips in seven minutes a day in our spare time and then for the rest of the day, we don’t think about it. We’re in school, pursuing careers and families. We have so much more going on in our lives than this. And then, when we’re ready, we leave this scene and never look back, never think about it again. It didn’t mean that much to us, it was just a way to make some fast cash in our youth. After I’m done here I’m going to go get my nails done, I’m going to go out to lunch with my girlfriends and then I’m going to fuck my boyfriend and talk about the future we’re building. We don’t give this a second fucking thought the moment we turn our cameras off.

But you lust after us all day. Watching our clips over and over. Spending your whole life obsessing and jerking off. You lust after us long after we’re gone, for years even. But this is not our entire lives and you need to deal with that. I know that you think of us as your virtual girlfriends but that’s just a fucked up fantasy in your head. We truly don’t give a fuck about you. I almost feel sorry for you that you think we care about you, that we have some sort of connection. We don’t! We just use you to make us money and then we move on. We don’t really care if you jerk off or follow our instructions, just as long as you keep binging on our clips.

I’m only doing this for a few years and then I’m going to move on from this. But are you? No, of course not. You’ll still be looking for me years after I’ve left this business. And it is just a business loser. You’re going to be trapped behind that computer screen for decades. But I’m not trapped, I have multiple options. I have several degrees and Lots of money to start my new life that I took from you idiots. So go on, stroke to me while you can, I won’t be around that much longer, lol. And I know that you’ll still be stroking to me years later after I’ve moved on. You’ll be writing, asking about me, and I won’t even know about it. I think it’s hilarious that you’ll be begging for my clips, knowing that they’re never coming. While you wait and hope and obsess over me. I won’t wonder about you for a second when I’m gone because I know you’ll be in the same place years from now that you are right now, in front of your computer, stroking your pathetic cock.


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