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Added: 27-06-2017

You’ve known 4 quite some time that you are a humiliation junkie loser. You are always looking for more ways to be humiliated by beautiful women, it is the only way that u can get off. But what I have noticed is that at the core of your little fetish is paying gorgeous goddesses. Not only do you know that we deserve your money more than u do but it makes you feel so weak and pathetic to have your money taken away from you every single day. This is also one of the reasons u r completely addicted to buying hundreds, thousands of clips. I am sure u have hard drives full of our clips.

And what I am getting at is that while u may love to watch these clips, the fact of the matter is, if you’re not paying for them, you can’t get off. You need that thrill of spending money. You need that feeling of helplessness & desperation, I am sure you have your credit card info saved on every site you use or you’ve got it memorized by now. And you just click, click, click, spend, spend, spend. You give us all your fucking cash. You can’t watch a video for free and have it have nearly the same effect on u.

Free videos on those sites don’t work on u anymore. You know it. You need to pay 4 them. In fact, spending your money on clips has become the most important thing that u spend your money on. You don’t go out with friends any more, u don’t need them. All you want to spend your money on is videos of beautiful women like me putting you in your fucking place. Because if you are not paying, you’re not getting off. You can’t get off without spending.

Look at your cock right now, look how hard it is, just from me telling you what a little pay pig loser you are. If you’re not spending, you don’t cum, you’re a little findom humiliation addict. This is the only way 4 losers like you to get off. It just doesn’t feel right if you’re not draining your bank account. Now go buy this clip again and then watch it again. And then what are you going to do? You’re going to buy it again. Why? Because it makes you feel so stupid. Do you see how this works now? You watch, u spend, u get off.

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