British Bratz - I make you PAY

Added: 27-06-2017

You don’t even think about it, your dick gets hard and you reach for your credit card. How good does it feel to pay me, watching me become increasingly rich and you in return experience financial suffering, good huh. It makes you horny to go with out, to live on bare necessities whilst I dine at the most expensive restaurants, party with my hot friends and holiday to the most exotic places on this earth with the man you are in awe of, my well hung stud of a man. All this just makes you want to work harder and pay more. Dissecting ca$h bit by bit with every tease of my hot body just fuels my greed. You’re such an easy drain, you beg to be stripped of any dignity, naked, on your knees and credit card in your mouth awaiting instructions. What shall I make you pay for now? How much should I take from you? How much closer to bankruptcy can I push you? Seeing you in the red, in total financial despair is my aim. That’s when I feel the horniest, when I have ensured you will under financial stress for years to come. You really want to spend today and I don’t blame you, look how hot I am.

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