ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet

Added: 29-06-2017

Sexy Princess Lily looks down at you and calls you her foot bitch. “Come here” she instructs you. She says you’re disgusting but she’s going to reward you because you worked so hard to please her. “I know you love my dirty shoes; you love all the dirty things I walk in because you’re as disgusting as my dirty shoes are.” She holds up her white six inch stilettos and mentions that she’s been wearing them all day long. She tells you to suck the heel. “When I inspect the bottoms of these shoes they had better be spotless” she warns you.

She says she knows nothing is too disgusting for you. You’ll do anything to please her and you’re nothing more to her than a household cleaning item. She lets a shoe dangle from one foot and tells you to get your nose into the crack between her foot and shoe. “I’ll be ramming this nylon-covered foot into your mouth soon” she tells you. Seeing how excited this gets you, she gives you permission to start stroking your cock. There are some great close up views starting from the floor, then panning up to Lily’s shoes and nylon-covered feet. She tells you to keep stroking and sniffing her feet. “Maybe I’ll let you cum” she ponders. “Maybe I’ll let you cum on my nylons and then make you lick it all up.” She has also decided to video tape the event so she can blackmail you later. “What would your friends think, seeing you eat your own cum off my feet? What would your wife and family think? You’d be forced to live in my basement, and whenever I have parties, you could lick the feet and stilettos for all my girlfriends, too”. She mocks you for having such a little cock but bets you can shoot a big load and gives you a countdown of ten. “Imagine you’re serving me and all my girlfriends as well – ten, nine – I bet you’d like to stick your cock between my feet – eight, seven – remember when you cum you have to do it on my feet – six, five…”. After allowing you to cum, Lily lays back and touches her pussy leaving you to clean up the mess.

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