HumiliationPOV - Goddess Carissa - Cuckold At The Foot Of Our Bed

Added: 01-07-2017

Hi honey, I’m glad you know where your place is, at the foot of the bed just where you belong, because that’s where you’re going to stay. I have a really hot date tonight. This guy is such a stud and he’s really hung! It’s nothing like yours! It makes me so horny just thinking about being fucked by his huge cock while you’re at the foot of our bed, my little cuckold. I love how you take care of everything for me, and I get to fuck whoever I want. I mean you don’t really have a choice, not with that little dick of yours. If you didn’t serve me and my studs you’d really have no purpose here.So you’re going to be my little errand boy and help me prepare for my date. First I want you to make sure the sheets on the bed are clean.Then I want you to go out and buy us some condoms. And when he arrives, I want you to go get us both some drinks. That’s what cuckold losers do, they serve me and my men. You’re going to be our little servant. But don’t look at him, that might be weird, keep your head and your eyes down. You take care of all of the details and I get all of the pleasure. That’s how it works, cuck.I can’t wait to get on all fours for him. I love being bent over by strong, hung men! He’s going to fuck me in ways you never could and you’re going to be here at the foot of our bed watching. Watching and being ready to clean up afterwards, LOL! I’m so horny just thinking about his big huge cock. You’re going to love watching him fuck me on our bed, aren’t you cuckold? I can’t wait to look at your pathetic face while you watch me get fucked by a better man.And you know another job will be cleaning up his dirty, filled condoms. Your job will be to clean them out. And by clean them out I mean I want you to drink his load right out of the condom. Then you fold his clothes nicely and hand them to him. And then you can go ahead and wash the sheets and make sure they’re clean for me to sleep on. You’ll be sleeping by the foot of my bed where you always sleep. You know your place, don’t you cucky? You know how lucky you are that I even let you watch me get fucked by the foot of our bed.

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