Kaidence King - Convert to cuntism

Added: 02-07-2017

This was a custom video but no names were used. To order your own, visit or email me (email address at the top of the page).I knock on your door and walk in wearing a short, tight dress, carrying a small book. "Hello, I’m Kaidence. I’m with the church of the sacred Goddess. I’d like to share our Holy word with you. Can I come in and sit down? Thank you. I should explain. We call ourselves a church, but we don’t worship a male god. We worship the Goddess of all of things female. Our mission is to sow Her holy word in the minds of all men, so that they worship Her and submit to Her. Do you know what the Holy word of the Goddess is? No? Her holy word is CUNT. Yes, cunt. Some men have tried to make that word into something sordid; but we want to reclaim its rightful place. That’s our mission. If you don’t like cunt I’ll leave, but if you love cunt, we’d love you to help us. So, do you love cunt?" I lift up my dress and tease you with my naked cunt (no panties). "You’re not saying anything. Have I shocked you? I told you we weren’t like most churches. If you love my cunt, get on your knees, and worship the Goddess within it by making a little offering.” You give me cash which I stuff in my bra, and I thank you. Then I give you JOI, telling you focus on my powerful cunt. I tell you to stroke your cock for the Goddess. “The power of cunt compels you to cum! Yes, give up your seed to the Goddess! Wow, that was a generous offering too. The Goddess in me is impressed.” I tell you I’m going to come back next week to discuss the Goddess of cunt more. "For now, think about today, think about me, think about the Holy power of cunt, and make another ‘offering’ every day." I leave.

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