Divine Goddess Jessica - Little Perv Goes Gay

Added: 02-07-2017

Jessica is visiting her older bro and his roomie. She spent the first day with her friends and the first night she disappeared into the roommate's bedroom. He comes to confront her and finds her out by the pool. He tries to yell but he's so distracted and instead go to Starbucks for her, when he returns she tells me to calm down, all of the noise he heard last night was him begging for sex. Instead, she had him service her and left him blue balled. She explains roomie is ready to do anything for her. She notices that his eyes keep sliding along her body. It's no surprise to her. When they lived at home, he used to spy on her and jerk off. But he didn't know that she knew. She asks him if he wants to go watch her from the window and jerk off for old time's sake. He's so embarrassed. Then she lets him in on what she and the roomie discussed last night: what he needs to do to make her happy. When roomie comes home, roomie is going to take him into his room to show him something. He'll start some male-horseplay but after a while roomie is going to try to kiss him. And she tells him he is going to let him. She says it's okay for him to "protest" ("What are you doing, dude?") but then he needs to reciprocate. Then, roomie is going to bend him over, stick it in, and cum inside him. He's mortified, but she doesn't care. He's getting weaker by the second, looking at her amazing body and she knows it. She explains that roomie will probably not be hard and so if he wants to get the whole thing over with, he better take it in his mouth until it is hard enough to do the job. She explains one more thing. Roomie is going to lock the door for the "session" but he is going to work him over to the door and unlock it while they are going at it. The reason he is going to do that is so that Jessica can come in and film it.

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