HumiliationPOV - Miss H - Sensual Edging Orgasm Denial Braingasm

Added: 03-07-2017

Hi weakling, get naked & get on your knees. I want u 2 beg me to stroke. Begging is essential to our relationship. You need to obey my instructions & right now I want you stroking your cock. Stroke it to my perfect body, stroke it to my gorgeous ass. I am tall, gorgeous and perfect, and I know you love stroking 2 me.

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Stroke because I say, stroke because u cannot resist. That is exactly what I want. I want you to do it nice & sensual. And while you are stroking I want u to take your other hand, put it between your balls, and you are going 2 feel a hard strip that goes from your dick to your ass. I want u to push in until you feel that & I want you to massage it and apply some pressure while you are stroking your dick. Good boy. You can feel that, can’t u? Beg for more and thank me for what I’ve given u.

Stroke it a bit faster now, but don’t cum. Good, this is how I like u, this is how I want you, edging & horny. It feels so good stroking your cock and rubbing around your balls at my command. You can feel your cock getting harder and your balls filling up. If you have some precum I want u to rub it around the head of your cock. Yes, that feels so nice. Now stroke it even more intensely.

It is so hot, isn’t it? This feeling of desperation that I make you feel. Edge yourself, ride that edge, but don’t cum. But you don’t want to cum because u know if you do, then this intense feeling that I give you goes away. You stop listening, you stop obsessing, you turn off your sexual brain as soon as you cum. But I found a way around that. I’m not ever going 2 let you cum. I think it is best for both of us. I want u feeling the pleasure of your cock as you edge for me. You’ll go days, weeks and even months without cumming, only stroking. That’s so hot, really fucking hot, to think that you’d do that 4 me. Just keep stroking and obsessing and being denied by me over and over again. This is your life, there is nothing you can do about it. Accept your fate, embrace it, and keep stroking until you can’t take it anymore. Then take your hands off, wait a few minutes, & then watch this again.

– Miss H

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