THE MEAN GIRLS - P O V - Princess Bella - I Have A Boyfriend

Added: 04-07-2017

Camera approaches you, THEE Princess Bella, as if it were me approaching u in a park/outdoor setting. You act like I just hit on u. You are TOTALLY arrogant & condescending and haughtily inform them that you have a BOYFRIEND! You then proceed 2 tell them me your current BF is kinda poor but he is SO much hotter than me – you tell me right to my face that I’m a total “loser” and you would NEVER date me. I pathetically offer up that I “have a lot of money though”. You laugh & say that may help a little, and maybe u will consider it if I get down on my knees & beg. You are shocked when I actually DO it! and you laugh in my face. You get an evil smirk as you see it as an opportunity. So u tell me that maybe if I agrees to ALL your terms u could at least find SOME u$e for me…

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