HumiliationPOV - Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Dumb Mush Brain Wallet Zombie Jerking Your Brains Out

Added: 06-07-2017

I want u 2 jerk off and get really dumb for me. That should be really easy 4 you because I know whenever u see me and get hard and horny and start jerking off, you just get so dumb & your little brain just turns to mush. You get mushy zombie brains. That is how I can get you do whatever I want. I just get you really horny and make u wanna stroke your cock. So I am going to let you stroke it but only because it makes u so dumb, and then I can use you 4 whatever I want.

And you know that you are basically just a wallet to me. I just want your money. I just want you dumb & stupid and have mushy little brains so you can’t think 4 yourself. I just want you thinking with your weak, horny cock. Your penis tells you that you want to jerkoff because you are horny from looking at me and hearing me talk to u in your little mushy brains. Then you just start using your penis as a brain and start stroking it. I want you to stroke your brains out and then I can get u 2 give me all of your money.

And once you are so stupid like this I’m going to completely drain u. I want it all. And I know u want that, it makes your cock so hard thinking of me completely ruining u. Jerk that cock & get dumb for me. Empty your wallet for me, empty your bank account. And I know you won’t tell me no because you are not thinking with your brains, your brains are made of mush. You are a stroke zombie 4 Princess Ashley.

And we both know that this makes you cum so hard. Being financially fucked over by me, makes u cum harder than anything else. Use your little mush brains & be a good ATM for me, my little zombie. Or rather don’t use your brains, you don’t need them at all. Just stroke your cock & do what I say. Empty your wallet, give Ashley all of your cash, LOL! Can you do that 4 me, zombie?

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