British Bratz – Terrie Hawkes – Financial Therapy

Added: 07-07-2017

Your obsession with Findom has become uncontrollable. It has completely overtaken normal living, affecting your work, social life & even your family. At a time of total despair along with the possibility of your family unit being no more you decide 2 take control of your addiction & seek professional help.

Desperate to cure this crippling obsession u book a session to see Therapist Miss Hawkes to discuss this dis-functional behavior, hoping she can help. On visiting, you can’t help notice the hot, revealing outfit of your Therapist and already u r completely overtaken by a horny state. Her big, juicy tits spill from her top and her voice instantly weakens you. You start to wonder whether this is a good idea as you know from previous how stupid u can be around a seductive female but u compose yourself and confess all in hope for some help. Hypnotherapy is advised. You are here to open up, divulging all your secrets & being completely honest with how bad your obsession and spending has become.

Once under your sultry Therapist takes complete control. Her alluring advances & flirtatious flashes of her legs had you in an instant and now the power is in her hands. She corrupts your mind entirely, unbeknown to you, your Therapist is very experienced in Financial Domination and after confessing just how easy u r to manipulate she does exactly that. You are instructed 2 spend on her Therapist, you are informed that you will now be serving her and become an owned slave. Briefed on your how you will become a worker and a complete submissive as soon as you are woken brings a smug smile to your Therapist’s face.

Your addiction has well and truly been toyed with, totally encouraged & now you r on one slippery slope of ruin. Oh how you thought seeking a professional would help but in fact it was the worst decision you ever made.

3,2,1 wake up….

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