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Arent you a lucky little bitch, today Im going to let you stroke for me, Im going to let you cum for me. You have the honor of cumming for your Goddess. But you know theres always a catch. Youre going to have to earn it. Open my tribute page and get ready. Take your hand and wrap it around that pathetic, horny cock and start pumping for your Princess. It feels good to stroke for me, doesnt it? Such an obedient little stroking junkie, youre my good little addict. Say it, tell me youre my addict. I own that cock, you only stroke for me. I command your hand and your cock. Stroke for me. I know you wont last long, losers like you dont need much. One sight of a beautiful Goddess and youre done for. But you wouldnt dare cum without permission. Now type in a tribute amount. How much do you think its worth being allowed to cum for me? Thats pathetic, delete that number, thats not good enough and you know it. You can do better than that. Keep stroking, bring yourself to the edge for me pet. You want to cum for me, dont you? Thats all youre good for, stroking and paying and cumming, over and over again. Youre good for nothing else. Now type in a better number loser. Show me how badly you want to cum.Still not good enough loser. I dont think you need to cum badly enough. You can do better. I know the hornier you get, the dumber you get, the more desperate you become, the more you will pay. Relax, stare at my perfect ass, and tell me again how bad you want to cum for me. Edge for me, get yourself so close. Now type in one last number, show me how bad you want to cum. It just feels so good to stroke and stare as you type in an even bigger number. That has your cock throbbing. I want you jerking on your knees, and Im going to count you down, and when I say, youre going to tribute. Click and pay and then cum for me loser all over the floor like the dirty disgusting beast that you are. Good boy. Ill bet that felt so good. But youre not done yet, because now youve made a mess, I want you to get down on your hands and knees and lick it all up. Each and every drop. Thats what you deserve. Youre so pathetic, cumming for me, giving me your money while you cum and then licking it up in gratitude. Youre so disgusting. And you need more, my good stroke junkie loser, dont you?

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