Goddess Vikki - Ex-GF Foot Seduction

Added: 28-11-2017
Goddess Vikki - Ex-GF Foot Seduction

ha...honey...calm down. Let's just talk about it. I did NOT break in. I sure know how to make myself at home though. I used my old key, you have not changed the locks have you? .... How are things with the new gf going? Okay...but she is not as good as she. Course not. haha. Secrets safe with me.
I know I broke up with you and I have a new boyfriend...but can't just go getting a new girlfriend you know. That's not allowed. No I'm not just being funny.I've been thinking...thinking long and hard about all those good times we had. hehe. and you know what...I know about your secrets. I know you. I know you better than anyone. That's right I KNOW you so well. Better than that new gf of yours is ever going too. No one is going to compare to Me.
I'm deep inside your head and you can't let me go...Go on. Stroke for me. I've locked all the doors and I don't think you've given that new gf a key yet because she is not as good as me. Tell Me the truth...tell me that you still jerk off to the thought of my feet. you DO, don't you!

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