Natashas Bedroom - Sister-In-Law Edging and CEI

Added: 12-11-2017

Ah, my future brother-in-law. Thanks so much for coming to talk to me before tomorrow, the big day. The biggest day! I'm so excited to welcome you to the family, and I know that you and my big sister will be so, so happy together.

But I do think there's something I should tell you before the wedding: my sister... See, she's a prude. I mean, she's a HUGE fucking prude. I've always been the slutty sister, the one who'd secretly suck off her boyfriends when my sister left them with blue balls. She's never been the type who'd be able to *fully* satisfy a man. Especially such a perverted man, like you are. Am I right? I can tell just from the look in your eyes that you love to do nasty, dirty things. Maybe you even like to do things like... I don't know... eat your own cum?
I knew it! I could tell from just looking at you that you're an aspiring semen slurper! You see, the reason I called you in here tonight is that I'm willing to help you out. I'll step in and force you to do all the dirty things you secretly want, those things that your future wife can never know about, to make sure you're totally satisfied in your marriage.

To prove to you that I'm serious, I've come up with a little game to help you indulge in the delicious nectar of your orgasming penis. It's your first time (I can tell!), but don't be nervous. This game will edge you right up to the brink of losing your fucking mind. I'm going to tease you so much that you'll be begging to cum at all, even down your own throat. I promise I'll give you no choice but to leave your inhibitions behind and, slurp, slurp, slurp. Just listen to my instructions. Consider it an early wedding present!

And you know, I'm so turned on by seeing a man cum into his own mouth, especially a man with such a beautiful, huge cock, that I won't be able to resist making myself cum at the same time...

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