HumiliationPOV - Princess Kelly - Sunshine You’re A Useless Humiliation Pay Junkie Who Means Nothing To Me

Added: 30-11-2017

You know you are pathetic. You must know that otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site. You are addicted to being humiliated by women who are so far out of your league. But do you really know just how pathetic you’ve become? Read less
You listen 2 me tell you that you’re a loser, that you are a nobody, that I hate your guts, but have u really stopped to think about what makes you such a loser? I’d be happy 2 tell you! LOL! In fact I get great pleasure in telling u all the reasons why you are nothing & I’m everything. All the reasons why I’m so much fucking better than u.

First of all you have 2 pay women to talk to you. And not just talk to u, but you pay 2 be humiliated. You pay for me to not have a normal conversation with you, LOL! You don’t even pay hot girls to get off with you like normal guys do. Ew yuck, I’d never get off with you. You pay me to tell you that you are worthless. Only a true loser would do that. And you are not even paying me to talk to you, you’re paying me to pretend like I’m talking to you! LOL! Because you’re not really here with me, r u? All you can do are watch these prerecorded videos and try and pretend like I am talking to you. You’re so fucking stupid.

I can measure your worthlessness in cash. The more you spend on videos like this, the more worthless u r. And you know that’s all I ever want out of you is your cash. You pay me 2 tell you that you’re a loser. Do you get how pathetic that is? And that is your whole world, paying to be humiliated. It is all you think about. You are completely wrapped up in your obsession with me. You live 2 be humiliated by me. You spend your entire paycheck on it. This is the most important thing in your whole life. Have u really thought about that?

You spend thousands of dollars on being humiliated. And 2 me you are nothing more than the dollar amount that u spend on me. And you know I’m not going to remember you unless you are spending Big amounts. I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars before I even remember that you exist. And know that I don’t have just you spending on me, there are hundreds, thousands of other guys spending on me. Pathetic little useless slave boys who mean nothing to me. I’m everything to you & u r nothing 2 me. How does that make you feel to know that you are as insignificant as the dirt on the bottom of my heel? Take it in loser. Think about that.

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