HumiliationPOV - Lady Fyre - Your Life Is Just A Loop Of Jerk Sessions, Isn’t It Jerk Junkie

Added: 01-12-2017

You just can’t help yourself, can you? You already have your penis out, u had it out even before pushing play. You are a mindless jerk junkie, aren’t u? You just can’t quit. You just can’t stop watching because Goddesses make u so weak. And you just stroke, stroke, stroke all day long. You set aside time 4 it, don’t you? How many hours do you set aside each day 2 jerk that pathetic cock of yours?Read less

It would be nice if you had a real sex life but u don’t. So you just jerk, jerk, jerk 2 women online. You want us so badly but all we do is humiliate u. And you love that, you need that 2 jerk to. You like being put in your place, it makes you feel safe. It is your little safe spot. That place where u can go in your mind to feel nothing. And even though you know you are worthless, you feel that by hearing our voices talk to you that u must be worth something. And so u keep coming back over & over again to jerk that sad little cock to one brat after another. You jerk over and over like your life is a loop of pathetic jerk sessions.

I know you look forward to your jerk time all day at work. You pass the time by thinking about how you are going to go home and jerk to humiliation clips. That’s how u get through your day. Your life is so pathetic that this is all you have to look forward to. I’ll bet u set aside entire days to jerk off. I know there r days where you plan on getting work done but u just can’t help yourself, you are such a jerk junkie that you give in and jerk off to clips instead. It is so sad.

And all women know that you are a pathetic beta male jerk junkie. We can sense weak males. It is so obvious. Everyone knows loser. You think you hide and it that no one knows but u couldn’t be more wrong.

Jerk it little jerk junkie, I know this isn’t the first video you watched today & I know it won’t be the last because u can’t help yourself. You sad, and pathetic and you make me sick but it kind of amuses me that I can mess you u the way I can.

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