Maggie Green - Under the Spell of the Big Boobed Witch!

Added: 10-12-2017

You are pretty attractive, I definitely like what I see. I think I could use a man like u 2 help me out. You like big tits don’t u? Mmmmm I need someone like you to worship them & give me the attention that I deserve. Where do you think you’re going? Haha not so fast! I was hoping you would offer your services but since u are not interested, I’m going to have to use my powers to get what I want….Read less
I am actually a witch! Don’t even try 2 run away, the door is locked and impossible to open, I’ve made sure of that. My breasts are actually magical orbs & they have the power to suck the life force out of any living being. Once I am done with you, you won’t be able to think for yourself, you’ll be under my spell and under my total control. A mindless puppet to please and worship me. You can’t resist my breasts, feel them, suck them, u won’t be able to stop. Don’t fight it, if you are a good boy and keep sucking, I’ll let you have the most amazing orgasm of your life before your soul is sucked into me! The more you suck, the more u crave my magical tits, the power is so incredible that you’ll do anything that I want. Suck until u r nothing, making me stronger and more powerful. I’ll add u to my boob slave army & you’ll be nothing but grateful!

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