HumiliationPOV - Princess Kaylynn You’re Just A Mindless Gooning Idiot That I Cash R.@.p.e.. Over And Over Again

Added: 13-12-2017

You can’t resist, you never could. The power that I, your God, have over you is unstoppable. Every day I get to enjoy being spoiled rotten, I get to go shopping, and go out with hot guys, all while I humiliate losers exactly like you. Little freaks who like to crossdress, cocksuckers who can’t admit that they’re gay, little dick losers, foot freaks, cuckolds, pay pigs, I own you all. All addicted to sending cash, human atms, beeping machines. I get it all while I fuck up your brain and your life. And you love it, you need it, you beg for it. I love how easily I can manipulate you with just a twirl of my hair.You give me everything I want while I mentally destroy you. Worship, tribute, adore, sacrifice, all for me. And you can’t deny it. Pure perfection, raw power, you can’t get enough of me. I control you. I control you with my mind, with my body, with my perfect ass. You’re so helpless. So horny. I invade your brain until you can’t think of anything else other than ruining yourself for me.You can’t get over your addiction to me. It haunts you. You’re sitting there, jerking, drooling.. just a mindless gooning idiot as I cash r.@.p.e.. you over and over again. You’re just a loser that I fuck over. It’s beyond humiliating. You’re nothing but a pay pig to me. You love how much I despise you as I fuck you over. This addiction will never go away loser. I’ve fucked your brain up beyond repair.

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