Mandy Flores - Your Birthday Surprise

Added: 20-12-2017
Mandy Flores - Your Birthday Surprise

Today is my birthday - I just turned 12. I had a great day. My parents took me out for dinner and I got $100 in birthday money from my relatives. It's also Friday night, and my parents have to leave town for the weekend, so they hired Princess Mandy to be my babysitter. She's so pretty and I have a huge crush on her. Well Mandy comes over my house to babysit me, she tells me that since my parents are gone for the weekend, she has an open house and has invited a bunch of her high school friends over for a big party. So she tells me I have to go right to bed, but she'll be up later to 'kiss' me goodnight. I go up to my room and lay in bed waiting for her. Hours go by, and I doze off. It's really late when I hear a knock on my door. In comes Mandy with a guy. She turns the lights on and shakes me awake. She asks me if you and your guy friend can use my bed. I don't really want to give up my bed cuz I'm still sleepy, but you push me out and tell me to go in the corner. You take off your cute panties, throw them to me, and tell me to clean them up. They are very dirty (stains in the front and back). I'm get excited and start sucking on them. You two climb onto my bed and start fucking. You tell him don't worry about using a condom and say that "he'll clean me up" and look in my direction. I'm confused, but too distracted by the fact that it's my birthday, yet I was forced off my bed. Anyway, you two fuck. You're on your back with your legs wide open and cum dripping out of your pussy. You ask if I'm hungry for my birthday dessert. It's hot, gooey and sticky. You tell me to come over and eat out your creampie. As I'm eating you're teasing me about my birthday and talking dirty about me eating you're creampie. You see my cock is hard from cleaning you up, and say that you need to give me my warm milk before bed. So you tell me to get in bed, lie down, flip my legs over my head and point my cock at my mouth. You count down from 10 very slowly and tease me with your perfect ass. On 1, you tell me to open wide and shoot all my hot sticky milk in my mouth. Then you walk over to the camera, and hock a huge wad of spit right into my mouth. You say happy birthday and tell me to swallow. Then, for my goodnight kiss, you tell me to pucker up, pull down your panties, and kiss your asshole. Then you take the $100 from my desk that I got for my birthday and say happy birthday/goodnight. I have to go to sleep with the taste of cum and ass in my mouth and $100 poorer.

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