HumiliationPOV - Princess Kendi Olsen - Use Your Jerking Skills On BBC, Instead Of Wasting Them On Your Little White Penis

Added: 23-12-2017

Why are u still wasting time with that little white penis between your legs? That tiny little thing can’t be fun 2 play with, can it? You should stop wasting your time jerking off that teeny tiny little white weenie. What u really need to do is forget about all these preconceived notions u have about being a man, about jerking off, about fucking women.
You are not good at any of that, u suck at it, you are a loser. You beat it so much that I can tell you really love touching cock. I mean why else would u masturbate that often? So I think what u should do is focus your time on big black cock.

Black men have real dicks. I mean there are penises & then there are cocks. You understand what I am saying. Why would u waste your efforts on your own little penis when u could jerk off a real cock? Start slow, be thorough, appreciate the veins & the girth of a real cock, and you’ll be rewarded by giving him a real orgasm with a big cum shot. You don’t have 2 be scared or shy, I can help you with it. I know these BBC fantasies aren’t new to you. I have seen your browser history, you love jerking it to big black cock. And I know you’re a bit nervous but you’re also ready 2 try it in real life. And I know you are scared your friends might find out your a big faggot. But I can help you. I’ve got black friends with big dicks, I’ve got black ex’s with big dicks who would love a white boy to use and abuse. And we could keep it a little secret. I can set u two up. I can even be there when you hook up with him.

You need a big thick black cock who’s willing n eager to let you jerk it. Taste it. Fuck it. Do you think you’ll be brave enough 2 fuck it the first time? Don’t worry, we can work up to that. I can get u hard both hard with my body as he gets ready to cram his big hard cock down your mouth. And once his cock is fully hard, u can start worshiping it. You can run your hand up and down it. It will feel so good to jerk off a real man’s cock, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these years. That little thumb tack between your legs is nothing compared to what I am going to show you. Do you know that big black cocks throb as you stroke them? They don’t just twitch like your little loser cock. They fill up & they throb and u are going to be able to feel that. And you are going to love knowing that u are bringing pleasure to a big black cock like that.

You’ll start out stroking and soon you’ll get the courage up to start licking it. Soon you’ll be popping his big head in your mouth n then you’ll start eagerly going down on him. You’ll be stroking with one hand while u hungrily suck him off. Your head bobbing up and down as he pushes your head down until u gag on his big black cock. He’s going to skull fuck you. And you’re going to love every fucking second of it. You won’t even be focusing on that little thing between your legs you’ll be focused on a real man’s cock, as u get skull fucked like the little white boy slave slut that u r.

And when he cums in your mouth & on your face, you are going to taste a real man’s cum. You are going to be turned on by the fact that you are his cum dump. And you’ll cum too with out even having to jerk your own cock. You’ll be lost in an erotic haze and you’ll cum when he cums because bringing real men pleasure turns you on more than anything. You’ll drink it all down, you’ll lick up every drop. And when you are done, you’re going 2 thank me and you’re thank him. And then you’ll give him your number so that any time he wants to use your white mouth he can call u up and you’ll go running to him

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