Natalie Wonder - Big Sister's Need For Your Seed

Added: 24-11-2015
Natalie Wonder - Big Sister's Need For Your Seed

Hey bro…so guess what, I broke up with my boyfriend. Why..? Well, I mean I'm not getting any younger. I told him I want to get pregnant but he said he isn't ready. So I broke up with him. Aww thanks, you're an awesome little brother and your words mean a lot. I love that we live together now and I can talk to you about anything. What's that? What did you say? You would help me out..with a baby?! Are you crazy?! No way, we can't! We're siblings! Although everyone always thinks we are a couple. Okay, how about this¦since you're single and now I'm newly single…and since we live together¦how about you and I have some fun. I know you have been secretly dying to have some fun with your hot older sister. So let's do it. Even though you're my little brother, I think you're pretty hot too. I know your dick is getting rock hard as I'm saying all this stuff to you.¦let me feel i. ¦Mmmmmm I knew it. Now how good would that feel deep inside me? Deep inside your sister's forbidden pussy. And if "Oops", you happen to cum inside of me, well…it will be a blessing in disguise¦after all, I do want to get pregnant and who else to give it to me but my smart, sexy little brother. So what do you say. ¦will you give your big sister your seed.

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